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Jordan’s Creed - What energy! From the beginning to the end of the concert, Jordan’s Creed was truly on fire for Jesus Christ! With their blending of great music, tight harmonies, and superb showmanship, the audience truly enjoyed every aspect of the evening. Jordan’s Creed should be given many opportunities to use their gifts and skills for the cause of Christ. By all means, if you have the opportunity, go and hear this awesome group.

Bobby L. Schroeder
Director of Music and Worship
St. John’s Lutheran Church
West County, St. Louis, MO

I am pleased to write a short note in reference to the Christian band Jordan's Creed, both as a musician, and as a second-level student at Eden Theological Seminary. I had the opportunity to witness a concert of theirs at Kirkwood United Church of Christ in St. Louis last September, where they were part of the church's annual Revival. The music itself was energetic and engaging, immediately drawing the listeners in-and it wasn't just the youth groups that were listening! And, unlike so many other contemporary Christian groups, the group's theology and witness to the Gospel message were both well-rooted and theologically sound in accordance with Scripture. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the group took the time to talk to the people in attendance, sharing with them stories of the songs and of themselves. Bottom line it was a great show, with a great and powerful message, and I would highly recommend them to any church or youth group who is looking to do something high-energy, and pro-Gospel.

Steven Staicoff
Eden Theological Seminary
St. Louis, MO

Jordan's Creed was a wonderful addition to our church's Revival this past year. Their uplifting and contemporary musical style combined with their challenging message to live a Christlike life spoke to all of the people, both young and old who were there during this unique worship experience. After the concert the band members took time to talk and meet with those present. It was truly a time in which God's abounding love and grace was shared with all. lf you have the opportunity, come to a Jordan's Creed concert or invite them to witness to your own church or organization. You will not regret it.

Pastor Mike Roth
Kirkwood United Church of Christ
Kirkwood, Missouri

Jordan’s Creed provided the musical aspect of our special Sunday worship and then performed a high energy concert that same evening in our church social hall. I found the band profoundly dedicated to their ministry of music, and extremely helpful in the organization of our worship experience. They worked hard to transform some of our traditional hymns into a meaningful expression of contemporary music, and went out of their way to accommodate and respect our tradition and program. Jordan’s Creed is an exciting group of young and talented ministers of Christ. Their music is fresh, passionate, honest and full of the grace and power of Christ.

Rev. Scot Thomas O’Connor
St. Paul’s Church St. Louis, MO

Jordan's Creed headlined our October 1996 show. The band played a tight set to an appreciative and energetic audience. The crowd loved the strong vocals, well crafted songs and a professional sound. Jordan's Creed knows how to entertain with its own brand of Christian power pop. I recommend the band to anyone who is looking for a polished Christian act that delivers its message with a punch.

Jim Morrison
Cafe Nitra Manager

Jordan’s Creed really struck a chord with the audience. Everyone enjoyed the music and the words of faith encouragement. The energy in the worship type songs was contagious. The people really identified with Jordan’s Creed and made a point of spreading the word of how much they enjoyed the evening.

Rev Tom Lampella
Our Savior Lutheran Church
St. Louis, MO

Jordan’s Creed agreed to play for our junior high / senior high lock-in this past January from 1:00 to 2:30 AM. Not only did their concert add a special surprise to our lock-in, but the youth loved the upbeat music and the messages of the songs. Even the security officer on duty came back to our area several times and commented on the good quality of the music. In addition, seeing the group pray together before performing was an impressive witness to the youth and adults at the lock-in. Actions do speak louder than words at times.

Nancy S. Wilson
Director of Youth Ministry
United Methodist Church of Green Trails St. Louis, MO

Jordan’s Creed did a great job! Our desire was to provide a medium through which our junior high and high school students could invite their friends and be exposed to the Gospel message. Jordan’s Creed fulfilled that purpose. The students had a blast and in the words of one junior higher, "They were da bomb!" I highly recommend Jordan’s Creed for your outreach event. The music, lights and fog machine will add a professional touch to the evening as well as provide a non-threatening environment for student outreach and evangelism.

Dave Milliken
Jr High Student Ministries Director
Calvary Church St Peters, MO

_ Jordan’s Creed was a direct hit at our youth gathering. Young people made a strong connection with these servants of Christ. Jordan’s Creed has an exciting and effective ministry.

Jeffery Mueller
Chairperson 1997 English District Youth Gathering
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


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