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This is the contract we send to prospective churches who would like to have Jordan's Creed do a concert at their church and need to know specifics.  For all you churches out there that wonder about some of the details that are required of the church this page should help.  Email Us with questions if you like!

Download a printable copy of this contract (Microsoft Word format).

This is a contract outlining all the details for a Jordan’s Creed concert for your church or organization. Please read carefully and call us with any questions.

We, Jordan's Creed, request the hosting church(s) to promote the concert from the day the concert is booked to the night of the concert. We recommend, if possible, two (2) months promotion prior to the concert. We will provide promotional materials such as posters to aid the church in this area. Announcements stating the time and date of the event in the hosting and surrounding church's bulletin is beneficial in the promotion process.

- We will provide our own professional sound and lighting equipment to create a full concert atmosphere.

- To offset operating costs an honorarium of $1500 is acceptable for about a 90 minute performance. However, if the organization’s budget does not allow this expense, the amount of the honorarium is left to the discretion of the hosting organization. If desired by the church or organization, an offering can be taken during the event or a free will plate can be placed at the door to help with this honorarium. Please make the check(s) out to Jordan’s Creed. If an offering is desired, we ask that the organization provide two ushers to take this offering or the plates to be placed at the door.

- If the hosting church is over 50 miles away from the St. Louis area we ask that the church or organization contribute an extra $100 for traveling expenses.

- A table outside the sanctuary or in the vicinity of the concert is requested for displaying tapes and other merchandise.

- We request that the pastor or other church member would open the concert with prayer and announce the beginning of the show. The house lights would need to go off at this time and turned back on for the offering only.

- We would like permission to put the hosting church's phone number on our answering machine and web site so that people wanting to attend the concert can call the church for directions.

If this contract is acceptable please have the necessary person sign and return to Jordan’s Creed. Please make a copy of this for your records before sending. If there are any other questions about promotion or other areas feel free to call Chris at the Jordan's Creed hotline at 636-677-9065. We appreciate the opportunity to come and minister at your church and look forward to working with you.

God bless!


We the organization so named:

(your church name or organization here)__________________________________________________________

agree to the preceding conditions in this document and agree to host this concert on:

(date and time here)____________________________________________________________

authorized by:

(person in charge here)__________________________________________________________

This contract is valid apart from an act of God or any other unusual circumstance affecting either party that would prevent the execution of this service.


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