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Straight ahead grooves coupled with heart-felt emotional melodies are the characteristics of the music of Jordan's Creed. Hearing their pop / rock foundation with a distinctive, original vocal style proves to be a moving experience for a broad listening audience. With these elements Jordan's Creed is dedicated to ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a solid, honest manner, challenging and touching each listener.

Formed by artists with life-long professional music backgrounds, Jordan's Creed came together in December of 1996 as a prayerful decision to spread the Word through concerts, youth group events, church services and live radio broadcasts.

Chris Bergmann
Vocalist Chris Bergmann grew up in a family having strong Christian roots. Having played the violin since the age of four and using this talent to teach himself to play the keyboard, Chris has dedicated his gifts in music to serve God full-time. Along with Jordan's Creed, Chris is owner and operator of RFJ Music Production Ministries, a Christian recording studio in South St. Louis county. Chris has also been worship leader at a major church in St. Louis since 1990.
Vocalist and bass player Greg Hulub is a life-long musician who, after playing in the secular community for 14 years, has committed his talents to the Lord. Coming from a family of musicians, Greg's musicianship and song writing abilities contribute greatly to the sound of Jordan's Creed. He also plays with several local churches in St. Louis. Greg Hulub
Dave Evans Guitarist and vocalist Dave Evans is a seasoned player in the national arena as well as local venues. Playing the guitar since he was a child, Dave has traveled the nation in bands that played with big names like REO Speedwagon. Animated and fun-loving on the stage, Dave's passion for music and his dedication to Christ prove to be a powerful part of Jordan's Creed. He has played in the youth band for a major church in St. Louis for many years.
Drummer Kevin McDonald is also a veteran of the musical arena. Coming out of the secular music community in 1991 through several dramatic divine experiences, Kevin has a burden to reach people for Christ through music that he writes and plays. Playing in a youth band of a large church in St. Louis and now in Jordan's Creed, Kevin's exciting drumming style and love of playing is evident in his commitment to using his gifts for God's glory. Kevin has two self-released cassettes aimed at reaching youth. Kevin McDonald
Melanie Graves
Vocalist and percussionist Melanie Graves rounds out the band's original vocal sound. Melanie works with top singers that have been nationally recognized while she sings in worship services on the weekends. She works in the video and film industry along with singing with the band.  

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